The different concepts between Sthiramati and Dharmapāla
— By Shi Ruyuan

In the Chinese Buddhist tradition, the theory of Hsüan-Tsang’s (玄奘) Cheng-wei-shih-lun (成唯識論) has been considered to be legitimate in regard to Yogācāra philosophy. Cheng-wei-shih-lun is a commentary on Vāsubandhu’s Triṁśikāvijñapti-prakaraṇa and was translated into Chinese around the seventh century CE by Hsüan-Tsang. Even though he claimed that Cheng-wei-shih-lun was not a commentary of a single person, and instead, that it was a combination of ten people’s commentaries, Hsüan-Tsang admitted that among those commentaries, Dharmapāla’s concept was adopted as authoritative.

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