“Rightly contemplating the arising of the world as it really is, one will not give rise to the view of nihilism. Rightly contemplating the cessation of the world as it really is, one will not give rise to the view of eternalism.  By avoiding these two extremes, the Tathāgata teaches the middle path; that is, because this exists, that exists; because of the arising of this, that arises [as well]”.

This is the meaning of the middle path from one of the Buddhist Scriptures. It is also the truth we teach here at the monastery.

Everything arises from interdependent co-arising and does not arise suddenly. Interdependent co-arising refers to the myriad of things coming into being due to causes and conditions, whether deeds from present or previous lives. Everything that happens now is not caused by a single factor.

Our monastery began small with just two monks and dream. Like a small medical office, with one doctor and an administrative assistant. But when you look at us now, we’ve grown from a duo to a growing team. Like the medical office that expands to become a clinic with doctors, pharmacists, janitors, servicemen, and etc. Our growth and currwent state is facilitated by the inconceivable interdependent co-arising.

Thanks to all the volunteers whether you are present here today or not. Your efforts and selflessness make us what we are today. I’m sure that your strength and commitment will take us further by making our temple a destination of choice for Buddhist pilgrimages in North America.

To our new volunteers, we are grateful as well to your resolve and engagement. When I was in mandatory military service at the age of 19, my unit was asked what is the greater purpose of our life, I immediately answered finding inner peace, which brought roars of laughter from the whole room. Though we weren’t looking for the same thing then, we surely have the same goal now after all those years, despite that some of them becoming elites in society, sampling all kinds of delicacies, driving fancy Maseratis, living comfortably in a mansion, or enjoying time with their 15 grandchildren.

The world of mortals is forever churning with love, hatred, relationship-building and dissolution. You may have encountered ups and downs in life many times. It might very well be the pursuit of inner peace that has brought you here. If this is true, may Middle Path Meditation Centre become your safe haven , where you and your family finds your heart serene, at ease and worry-free.

Thank you.

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