About Us

|Buddhist Organizations|
Founded by Venerables Ruyuan and Ruli.
Established as Middle Path Buddhist Temple of Calgary.
Established as Middle Path Buddhist Association in Taiwan.
Both organizations are registered charity organizations.


Bodhi Vow

|Turning of the Dharma Wheel|
A systematic approach to the learning of Buddhism;
the learning of meditation and Buddhist wisdom;
the facilitation of social services;
and the preservation of cultural values.


Bodhisattva Practices

Buddhist Courses
Morning Liturgy
Charity Events


Upcoming Events

Dimond Sutra Recitation and offering / 09:300 – 12:00
Free Lunch/12:00 – 13:30
Buddha Bathing Ceremony / 12:00 – 15:00

Every Sun. From 0204/04/21 (Sun.)
【The Path to Buddhahood–Intensive Course】9:30~11:30
【Agama Sūtra】13:30~15:30

Past Events

Over 2,500 years ago, the Buddha attained awakening to the ultimate truth of the universe and life, freeing himself from suffering, and then taught his path to liberation to many others.

“Rightly contemplating the arising of the world as it really is, one will not give rise to the view of nihilism. Rightly contemplating the cessation of the world as it…

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